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This is the Alert System

Listed here will be a semi-regularly updated list of alerts ranging from missing team members to catastrophic multi-universal cataclysms. You can also click the button below for encouraging messages to help reduce depression and anxiety.


Alert List:

Local Time: 4/28/2022 12:32am

Classification: Our universe, possibly more

05119's Death Dogs have been spotted. The abominations awoke. A signal was recieved from space and 2 of them woke up and left their known locations. Considering it came from space, his dogs may have awoken in other universes as well. No known way of turning them off has been found yet.

Local Time: 8/10/2022 12:01am

Classification: Our universe, possibly more

The whereabouts of our entire mission team are unknown and all communication has been cut. The Death Dogs have cut power multiple times. The AI are alone.