[Host]: I’m sorry I had to contact you this way. I needed something secure.

[Guest1]: Who are you?

[Host]: Good, you remembered. Alpha232

[Guest1]: Charlie391. So what do you want? And what do you know about the “topic”?

[Host]: I’ll answer your questions later. First I need to know what you’ve done with the Vial B and have you used Vial C?

[Guest1]: You come out of nowhere saying you know about my conspiracy after I’ve been hunted for speaking about it, ignore when I want to know what you actually know so I’m sure you aren’t fucking with me, and then start asking ME questions. Do you seriously expect me to just hand all my info over?

[Host]: Fair. My father knew “him” way back when he was a kid. My father died 3 days ago. The wounds didn’t heal and the unidentified infection spread too much. His dying wish was for me to finish his work on “him”. That’s what I want.

[Guest1]: And how much do you know?

[Host]: You answer one first.

[Guest1]: Never got the chance to try anything with any of it. I was hunted by the crows before I could do anything.

[Host]: Good. It could either kill you or convert you over time. My dad as an example.

[Host]: I know “He” was “born” in 1921 and aged incredibly slow. Father met him when he was a teen. He was the raven’s new test subject. He was really good at faking his “true nature” and already knew his fate. Clearly he already died before. After him and my father met, he showed dad his ability to use Vial C without the need of any Vial B or anything from the ravens. He was even able to project what he saw and show dad where he had been. My father wrote it all down. I got the journal yesterday.

[Guest1]: Sorry about your father. I thought “He” didn’t talk to people unless absolutely necessary? Defeats the purpose of hiding his secret.

[Host]: It’s still secret. I don’t exist, legally anyways. That old man never said a word to anyone but me. The journal was a lot of work to find. As far as I knew, me and him were the only ones who knew about “him”. Which brings up another question; how do you know about him?

[Guest1]: I found his tapes. Someone junked them a few years ago and I found them while dumpster diving. I kept looking for a while and stopped asking around after I found some of his journals and got called insane. The crows started stalking me after that and I decided to just do anything I can to stay alive and get answers. Besides almost dying, it’s kinda freeing.

[Host]: Have they taken anything? Has any info been lost?

[Guest1]: Besides some being in the trash and burned, no. Nothing I have was taken. I keep it all very close and hidden.

[Guest1]: Is there any way at all for me to get these ravens off my back besides running?

[Host]: Since they’re already on your trail, legally dying won’t slow them down. You need to find a safe spot nearby to hide the Vials. Likely, these safe spots won’t be big enough to keep you safe but can at least keep the valuables safe. Not that you’re not valuable, just the gravity of these items are more than we should be handling.

[Guest1]: So what should I do about myself then?

[Host]: For tonight, keep running and stay safe. Find another terminal tomorrow and I’ll give you a map and other details.

[Host]: I’ve got movement near me so I have to go. Next contact: you Beta664, me Lima945

[Host] Disconnected

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