IPS Super-Structure

This is a report sent from universe #04337 describing an incident that led to the destruction of multiple planets and subsequent super-structure called the “Infested Planetary Sponge”. This occurrence seems to have happened multiple times considering the testimonies of other universes and how this super-structure moved through other universes. At the moment of documentation This specific super-structure is in universe #05002.

Note: All measurements have been adjusted to match our planetary measurements.

The document is to be declassified to public level: [10/4/2022]

“We citizens of Centaur-G have witnessed an event from afar that can only be described as the end of our existence. After noticing several distressing signals and flashes of bright light coming from a supposed planetary system [6 light years] away, we had several telescopes from all around our planet pointed at it at all times. About [2 years] ago we noticed some sort of conflict must have been occurring with what seemed like ships flying unfathomably fast between planets and weapons with enough power to shine light all the way to us that was brighter and bigger than their solar star. For [the first month] of observation after the big explosions, it seemed like all life had ceased. That was until a dark structure seemed to pull pieces of the destroyed planets back together and eventually reach all the other planets in the system within [a day]. While this event was happening, we were experiencing a socio-economic collapse and power was scarce so we lost [6 days] of observing of the event. This time period was apparently enough for this super-structure to form. This super-structure can be described as a reddish, sponge-like, planetary taurus surrounding the solar star of the system.

Our suspected reasons for such a revolutionary change of a solar system are:

A: The remaining life that existed on those planets had some form of advanced technology as a contingency for if the planet(s) in their system were ever to be destroyed. This technology would attempt to reconstruct the planet to preserve the remaining life and it may have over extended to take over the entire system.
B: The planet itself had a contingency and it attempted to reconstruct itself and over reached to the other planets in the system.
C: The weapon used to destroy the planets was the advanced technology that reconstructed all the planetary rubble.
D: An outside force came in without us noticing and attempted to rebuild the system.

The cause of the reconfiguring of the entire solar system was swiftly overshadowed by the third act of the event which consisted of the super-structure moving faster than the speed of light. To be specific, this IPS was moving [3.431 light years] in our direction. This super-structure slowed down a fair bit as it got closer due to colliding with astral debris which is also assimilated into it’s sponge-like mesh. [2 months] ago, this super-structure flew past our system at approximately [12 billion miles] and our gravity and orbit had been altered due to it, the solar star in the super-structure scorched our planet’s crops, and the radiation destroyed our rebuilt infrastructure. With our current technology, we have been able to produce enough heat and light to survive the past [2 months] but having been flung out of our own solar system, we will not survive. We do not accurately know how this super-structure came to be nor what it’s destination is nor even any goal it may be perceived to be achieving. What we do know is [the day] before this documentation, we noticed life did in fact still exist within the porous super-structure and plant life did already grow on the inside facing the star. We have not gotten any communication from the life that exists inside the IPS.

Our current objectives are to survive first and foremost and secondly to share this documentation throughout all known astral communication lines in an attempt to give warning to anyone else out there that this super-structure exists and may be heading in their direction or possibly could form near them as well. This may be the last message we ever get to send to any known life out there. Please find us and save our history.”

No other documentation has been found from this planet. The planet’s location is also a mystery

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