The Inbetween Space

Check to make sure there is nothing wrong with the door frame before entering a room. If there are new scratches or mold on the door frame, check it very carefully before opening the door. If the other side of the door is definitely not what normally should be there, get out of there as soon as possible. The being in the deep shadow has taken a liking to the concept of doors as a way to transfer other beings and specifically people to new areas in space. If you open the door without checking and are met with a long hall with wet walls and dim lights, it will hypnotize you into thinking this is normal and that you need to walk inside. The door will close behind you. As you walk, other hallways will open up. Some lead to more hallways, some lead to demise, some lead to the void of space, and some lead to the hollow lands. With any amount of control you have, always attempt to enter the hallways that continue. Be careful because this is a maze. Usually, the first normal hall you see will be your best shot at reaching the other side. Many hallways run back into each other despite the impossible dimensions. No matter how far you go, you won’t make it back to where you came from and the door you came from has no other side. The hallway pattern will never be the same no matter how many times you enter the inbetween space.

When you reach the beginning of the exit, ONLY enter the red door. All other doors lead to infinite halls or monster chambers. Each time you open a monster chamber door, that monster will be released for everyone else who enters the inbetween space. After you enter the red door, You’ll enter a castle. You must find and reach the king’s throne. This can be hard to do since the rooms warp and change. When you arrive, the warping will cease for you and you alone and the king will be waiting. He will pull out his sword and kill you. This is to end the life you have attached to the previous world and to send your conscious spirit to the other body attached to the new world.

After you wake up on the floor, you essentially need to do the reverse. Find your way to the red door, don’t open any other doors besides the one you came in from, and avoid monsters and any non-continuing halls. The moment you exit through the same door, you will find yourself entering the room you initially intended to go into but forget why you needed to enter and likely forget the entire experience. This audio should also serve to remind you of the experience. The world you are in now is a completely different one but extremely identical and you won’t be able to tell the large differences. Everyone on the other side will recognize you just as they would normally in your old world. The same you from this world is now in your old world in your place. You can’t reverse it and you likely won’t even notice. The truth is, you are probably 300-1600 parallel universes away from where you just were moments ago. That was the inbetween space.

(This is a script by 05124 from one of his transmissions)

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