Psychic Doorway

This is a report from Jason Deth#05124 (Librarian) in a collection which describes multiple strange phenomena that they experienced and observed through their journey and experiments. This specific report is about another version of themself who harnessed nearby magic and went outside the bounds of their universe. This is the first time we have found any potential case like this and should certainly be researched to repeat.

The document is to be declassified to public level: [9/22/2022]

“While using the Raven’s eyes, I learned about “documented reports” of #03777. Started off human-like, had a nice family, many friends, completely unaware of the Ravens or our curse. A major difference is the universe they were in is inside what was dubbed a “Quintessence Fehu Bubble” by the Ravens. Essentially, it is a massive space cloud that covers multiple universes that is filled with “Quintessence Fehu” which has magical properties on living objects. The people in #03777’s world were regularly taught various forms of magic, primarily while they were asleep. The elders of their world would invade their dreams and teach them new tricks, if they were granted permission. Things were a little different for #03777 however. Normally, the humans of the world could only be filled with so much of this energy before it either would start to poison the body or simply dissipate and go elsewhere. For #03777, since our “soul” is separate from our body which makes us move to the next one after we die, that energy passes through the body, into the soul, and gradually goes to our other bodies in other universes. So it was hard for #03777 to learn to pull some of that energy back to his body to use it again.

Once he got the grasp of it, he quickly became a very powerful scholar of magic. While the rest of his world was focused on attack and defense magics and being the strongest magical warriors they can, he was instead studying practical use forms of magic. Why use a spell to light a fire in the fireplace to warm a room when you can use a spell to vibrate the molecules of air in the room to heat the entire room to the desired temperature instantly? Why put a fertilization spell on each individual plant when you can generate fertilizing magic on massive mounds of soil all at once? Why shoot lightning at someone when you could create lighting inside someone’s heart and shock them to death from the inside? These advancements in magic made him incredibly wealthy and paved the way for them to change the entire world.

Over time, he learned that the majority of his magic was simply telekinetic use of molecules and used that to his advantage to create “perfect mana steel” Which was molecularly perfect, filled with magical energy, and incredibly strong. He refused to tell others how he did it so he could hand make super weapons and could control who got to use them.

Soon after, he learned a skill that would disrupt everything. If he could monitor the brain cells of other living beings, he could essentially listen to their thoughts and also telepathically send messages to their brain. He tried it with a being similar to a mix of a seagull and a fox, which was successful, however there was nothing tangible to gleam from it’s thoughts. He gathered his closest friends that he could trust and taught them what he had learned. Most of them were unable to as their bodies couldn’t store enough energy to do it but the ones who did spent several nights practicing reading each other’s minds and talking to each other mentally. They called it “Meta-Physical Intelligent Communication” or MEPIC for short. They learned to tie parts of themselves to each other so that they can communicate across long distances at will and regularly practiced it from farther and farther away.

They had made an oath not to tell others about what they learned, nor speak into other people’s minds and alert them of what they learned. Unbeknownst to them, a Crow was hiding amongst them, pretending that they could not use the ability and created a mental blockade so the others could not read their mind. This Crow swore no oath and in turn, told the hivemind about this Jason learning such an ability and becoming so powerful. This Crow would feed ideas to #03777 in order to make them take it to the extreme to see how much they could take.

This started with listening and talking to multiple people at once, to which he could only listen to about 4 before their head started to hurt. Eventually, they were able to talk to the whole group of 12 at once but only up to about 20 minutes before he would pass out. The Crow also pushed him to try controlling other people’s thoughts or creating a lack-there-of. This proved unsuccessful after several attempts. #03777 had decided to make this Crow his advisor and to watch over them in case of an emergency since the Crow was so insistent in helping this progress. With this, the Crow used their newfound control of #03777 to push toward telekinetic potential and specifically reconstruction of dead bodies without the use of conventional necromancy magic. The Crow’s intention was to force a successful attempt of mind control even if it means forcing ressurrection of the subject or the suicide of #03777.

The Crow’s plans eventually were foiled when #03777 thought of a better idea. He suddenly had an obsession with time. They wanted to find some way of contacting the past of the future via the mind and magic. The other people within their circle had no luck but #03777 instead found themself, quite literally. #03777 extended their magic to their next body through their soul. This future body has no consciousness yet but with this magical intervention, #03777 was briefly able to control both bodies at once. What followed this revelation would be multiple ventures into their other bodies while their inner circle would protect #03777 and break him out of it when it became too dangerous or addicting. After peering into different universes, #03777 came to the conclusion that he needed to preserve this body in his birth universe while he lives the rest of his “life” through the other bodies. He did this specifically because the other universes did not have magic quite like his home universe and because he was still connected to the home universe, the other bodies could use the same magic. So his original body would act like a tether while he ventured into magic-less spaces.

The Crow that was originally observing him was ordered to eliminate #03777 for breaking out of observable spaces. This attempt was a failure as the inner circle had built a bunker to keep #03777 alive and kept reconstructing his body. The Crow was eliminated and so the observation came to a halt but not for long.

In universe #04217 a group of Ravens had found the magic wielder on a blistering planet as he was terraforming an area for the locals. These locals worshiped him for his powers. These Ravens sought to kill him as they were still following the order given prior. #03777 used his magic to rip their bodies apart and the last thing the Ravens memories showed was #03777 collecting their blood.

In universe #04435 a group of about 15 Crows caught wind of someone buying large amounts of Raven blood and guts. Originally, since their prime objective is to eliminate anyone who knows of the Raven’s existence, they were tracking down the seller but the buyer was of more importance. Their investigation consisted of finding the shipment routes, stalking and harassing the drivers of their space crafts, essentially setting up a mafia checkpoint to find out who has been buying it, waiting at the “drop off” locations, and hiding within the containers to surprise the buyer in an ambush. None of their attempts worked due to #03777 always finding middlemen and ways to throw them around. One attempt finally worked when they were led directly to #03777’s base. When the container was opened, they saw a massive mechanical machine sticking out of a very small building. This machine had a strong resemblance to the portal design several other versions of our kind have used in the past. So it can be assumed that #03777 used the Raven’s eyes to peer into the hivemind as well. This portal was different however. It required living hivemind hosts to open to farther pocket universes and even actual universes. The 15 Crows found that out the hard way as they were forced into the capsules and strapped in. To this day, they sit stuck there powering this portal. Due to them being stuffed inside the capsules, they did not get much information on where #03777 was planning to go but later observations showed the end result of this tampering of the portal design.

In universe #01035, there was an entirely organic structure made out of the solidified Ravin blood that housed millions of Ravens and had chambers of collected Crows from other universes ready to be deployed on their missions. Four of the Crows were activated because the Ravens had found a wooden door that showed up out of nowhere in the organic walls of the place. These four Crows walked inside and were stuck in the between space. Vision of their travel in this space was hazy and hard to perceive but they opened a new door within the space and found themselves in a room where the walls were constantly distorting and a being floated in front of them. This being was also shifting between other versions of themself. This was #03777 who had found and “collected” several of their other bodies, some that the Raven’s recognized. These were all a single being now in their own pocket universe. #03777, now dubbed “The Projector”, had ripped these four Crows atom by atom. That was the last they had any new documentation of #03777 other than the exact same scenario playing over and over of Crows entering and being torn apart. To my knowledge, there has never been any other encounter with this version of us, especially after their transition to this pocket universe.”

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