Transmissions of Node 0

This page serves to describe the transmissions that have been sent.

Transmission 0: "Zero"

After an influx of new hunters, this was meant to be a better introduction for newcomers
in the form of cryptic messages ordered by Jakyll.

Transmission 1: "First of Many More to Come"

There were some struggles with getting the early transmissions to be clear enough as we had quite literally had to record these as an encrypted message from space. That, plus some interference from the crows hacking us, forced us to try to fix the audio. If it wasn't clear, this and many other early transmissions were from 05124 aka "The Librarian". In this transmission, they were using the Raven's eyes to see into their hivemind "database" to show other universes what it is like and how hard it can be to describe. The description of this specific transmission was of "The First Yearned Thorn" and their first death at the hands of the Ravens.

Transmission 2: "Rational Thinking Only Lasts So Long"

Transmission 3: "On The Run"

Transmission 4: "There is a Disturbance"

Transmission 5: "Get it out of me."

Transmission 6: "Only way out is through"

Transmission 7: "Attention, attention"

Transmission 8: "Fear is the strongest emotion"

Transmission 9: "An unfortunate set of events and a beg for help."

Transmission 10: "Heart rate has stopped. Collection of reports."

Transmission 11: "Final Message"

Transmission 12: "The Inbetween Space"

Transmission 13: "Clarification Acceleration"

Transmission 14: "Tomorrow, we live. We survive no matter what."

Transmission 15: "Smile, for death is beautiful"

Transmission 16: "One Cycle Past"

Transmission 17: "Breaking A Habit"

Transmission 18: "Ad Astra"

Transmission 19: "Lakefront Part 1"

Transmission 20: "Lakefront Part 2"

Transmission 21: "Samhain Ritual"

Transmission 22: "Cyclic Redundancy"

Transmission 23: "Know Your Adversary"

Transmission 24: "Reflective Recovery For a Mild Case of Psychosis"

The video was from the former meeting room at the bunker. The AI got access to the camera from the meeting room and Jakyll's recovery logs and watched them as Jakyll packed up his things.

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